1) Patience Ma Cherie  1998


A registration of a city landscape in Strasbourg, filmed while stressfully cycling during the night with a camera in a plastic bag.  The rhythm of the colours of the bag, versus the form of the bicycle basket make a movement dance piece.

2) Minningar / Memories 2000


Going in my mind to Iceland many times a day, seeing myself as a little girl with my grandparents.  Good memories bad memories rush to the surface.  Exploring the past from my present reality to question has this affected me?  Digging in my own mind, facing things I don´t really want to face and just figuring out how memories of childhood affect the present moment.  

Beginning with a super 8 camera I have attempted to transfer those qualities to video, using the medium like a canvas painting past moments. 

The sound evokes the turbulence of troubled absence and the fleeting quality of remembering.

3. Tramway (Mcr) 2001


The rythme of the trains fascinate me and have always done, so I travel through the same bridge in Manchester and compose out of it a new movement dance. 

4) Movement 2001


5) Traces of the past 2001

Traces of the past 3.png

6) Calling Rachmaninov 2001
collaboration with HAb, Neil Mackenzie – Spencer Marsden

Calling Rachmaninov2.png   Calling Rachmaninov3.png

Neil Mackenzie brought the group together and through a research period this piece was made.  Kristín Scheving worked with each of the performers in the industrial landscape in Castlefield in Manchester and then the sound was added on by sound artist Spencer Marsden and of course all of it was all inspired by Rachmaninov. 

A piece for five performers, one sound artist, one video artist and a live choir.

7) 13nov2001
kristinc3ii kristinc3 kristinc3iii

Highly produced 3 screen projection visually weaves together their histories, raising questions about essentialism as much as difference, as it alludes to similarities of female ritual and experience in contemporary society.  Dealing with the fine lines between reality and fiction the piece leads you through the tense journeys of the three women.

8) amma vs. jesus 2003

amma vs jesus 3.png amma vs jesus 2.png amma vs jesus 4.png

9) Talk to me 2003


10) Ugly Beauty 2003


11) Pericardium version I 2003

pericardiumx pericardium7 pericardium3

12) Pericardium installation 2003

pericardium7  pericardium3

13) X-time 2003

collaboration with Spencer Marsden


Images and sound recorded in Reykjavík 10 minutes before and after New Years Eve, overlaid with audio captured from internet pornography.  A narrative of expectation, sexual energy and celebration is wryly evoked through the combination of audio sampling and a climactic firework display.

14) Madwoman 2004

dizzywhore geyspedagratur

Short poem about a young woman being caught in dizzy depression facing flares of addicted desperation.

15) Bridgedance 2005

With Choreographer Julia Griffin and Soundbringer

Bridgedance1.png  2bodies  Bridgedance 3.png

This work was filmed in Stockport, Reddish Vale.  Where the question of a dialogue with the industrial landscape and the rythme that is sometimes not in sink with the dancers movement, but that is also part of the dialogue between the video artist Kristín Scheving and the Choreographer Julia Griffin (UK) and then later with sound artist Soundbringer (FR), how do we communicate?

16) Snjór/ Snow 2006

look of the festival2007  2006

17) Garnaflækja I  / Intestine web 2007

garn102  2007  garn15

18) án titils (íkík) 2007


19) She needs to die 2008


20) MOTHer / MÓÐir 2008


21) Catwalk 2008

22) Praia Garnaflækja 2009

200120105963 240120106007

23) Man / woMan in Train  2009

konalest  mantrain

A man sleeping / a woman sleeping on a train.  The movement and sound with the feeling of time stopping and the sleeping period with a repetition of white light making you think of the moment of death. 

24) Parallel Roads #1 2009


From 2009 me and my family went on a road trip in Europe with our newly born baby (+2 other children) – from East Iceland to Reykjavík to give birth and back East to catch the ferry to Denmark – the we drove to Cornwall in the UK via Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Germany, then after 5 months there we went to Hungary via France Switzerland Austria and then from there to South Italy Calabria, then 8 months later we went to Berlin and stayed until our return back home 18 months later – this is the ´other´ memory from the trip …

25) Braggi 2010

hendur11.jpg  Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 11.37.44.png

26) _ _ _ _ _ _ 2010 (installation)

IMG_4197 110520117530  120520117622

27) Iceland is not a myth 2013

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 12.37.41.png

28) Wyrd the role of fate 2013


29) Repeating feeling 2014

Repeating feeling.png

A snapshot of a memory, a whisper from an old relative telling you what to do next. As she opened her window and called out to me I knew, the story needed to be told. Repeating feeling is a story of a person´s way to deal with the multiple layers inside oneself. Scheving’s work is largely informed by her own personal quest to understand how a sense of identity is constructed through family, place and culture.

30) Paralellur installation 2015

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.56.33.png  Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 13.56.08.png

An instillation where I put video stills on aluminium and mix it with flat screens showing video screens making a dance between the still image that moves and is still ! – 

Subject: Movement:

Traveling is not something that is so unusual in our time but going somewhere and staying for a while is different. In my work I have tried to approach traveling with different way of registrating what is happening around me with trying to registrate the ´feeling´ itself! Not the beauty of the landscape around me but the feeling within myself.

31) Nei.. nei.. ekki, amma á  2015


The endless repetition, the little words you hear again and again and think, ´deja vu´, this is life, it is an endless circle.

32) Sveitagong 2015


Sveitagong is a reflection on inner peace through and with nature and sound.

33) Galdraþula


I didn’t know I would cross a border to meet one. I didn’t know I would cross an ocean to make a world picture. The strings are making a streamline to a spiral face that has been arranged into flesh with the dates of time strung invisible on the string like pearls/gestures of an unkempt bed of snow/linen where lay the images of death masks. A woman is proving that this movement is the message and the messenger based on a rising from within (an entire planetary system evolving from an embryo.)

This is the part of the longer sonnet in the Baroque Beekeeping text that is about Galdrathula by Erin Honeycutt

God, there is always another highway

Before and after seeing so clearly. 

This one leads us to the swordplay bouquet.

The eye and the navel call sincerely.


Making the line so simply drawn between 

One thing and the next, simply a line drawn.

But the line is also a scene, a screen,

One moment drawn, a swan in the Koran.


Easily it bends into anything,

time of times and the way it moves about 

cycles, patterns, eternity, the spring.

She awaits the next rainbow river trout.

Faces containing a motion giving 

A picture in the picture beginning. 

34) Change 2016

35) Talking to Caroline (Queen Kría) 2019

36) Random thoughts / Random Conversations


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