Visual artist, curator and project manager        


2001 – now       Independent artist and curator

2020                   Director of LÁ Art Museum.

2017 – 2020       Manager for the Vasulkas, and adviser for BERG Contemporary,                                               Reykjavík

2013 – 2017      Founder and head of  Vasulka Chamber, Center of Media Art, at the                                         National Gallery of Iceland
2012 – 2013      Chief curator and project manager at the Nordic house in Iceland                                   
2011 – 2012      Project manager at Reykjavik Art Festival
2011                  Co-curator of Reykjavik Dance Festival, Dance on films.
2005 –  2015     Founder and artistic director of 700IS Reindeerland, International                                           Experimental  Film and Video Festival in Iceland.
2005 – 2009      Director of Slaturhus Culture Center in Fljotsdalsherad, Iceland.
2003 – 2005      Lector in visual arts at Manchester Metropolitan University, England.

2002 – 2003     MA  in Media Arts, MIRIAD, Manchester Metropolitan University, England.
2000 – 2001     BA in Visual Arts, Manchester Metropolitan University, England.                                             (With first class honors)
1996 – 1999     Fine Art studies for DNAP, Ecole Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs, de                                         Strasbourg, France.
1995 – 1996     First Diploma in French and Art History, University des Sciences                                              Humaines, Strasbourg, France.
I have exhibited my own work and curated shows internationally for some time now. Originally from Reykjavik, I lived and worked in France and England before returning back to Iceland in (2005) where I started the International Experimental Festival 700IS Reindeerland.  I have worked on big scale projects like (I)ndependent people, which included all major art galleries and museums in Reykjavík, spring 2012.  I was the leading  project manager (with a team of 25) for contemporary circus art festival which happened in Reykjavík, summer 2013 and attracted 25.000 people.
I have also been invited to curate screening for venues across the world – from east Iceland to Spain, Norway, Russia, USA, Lithuania, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Germany, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, Faroe Islands, Hong Kong, China etc.

Solo and Group Exhibitions:

2019, List í Ljósi festival;

2018, Took part in ATE

2017, Addis Video Art Festival, Ethiopia, Sveitagong selected.

Xi´an Silk-road festival in China, 4th – 10th of September, Sveitagong selected.

Ibrida*Pluri, Montreal, Canada 27th – 28th of April, Sveitagong selected.

Bangkok Underground Cinema, 4-12 March, Sveitagong selected.

2016 Jihlava festival, Czech Republic, 3 videos selected; Minningar, Sveitagong and ManWomanintrain.  Retrospective exhibition at Papay Gyro Nights, Orkney and Hong Kong edition.

2015 Morphing; Nordic house, Loeildoodaaq festival France, Nordisk Panorama festival, Sweden, Videograph, Montreal, Canada. Solo exhibition in Czech Republic,

2014 Oslo Screen Festival, Filmens Hus in Oslo.
2013 Nordic house, Reykjavík Iceland, Papay Gyro Nights Festival Orkney Islands, VideoTage, Hong Kong, The Living Art Museum, Vetlanda Museum, Sweden, Axis Arts Center, UK, North Atlantic house Odense, Denmark.  Instants video festival numeriques et poetiques, France, Madatac, Madrid, Spain.
2012 Group show: SUPER NOVA, Berlin, video festival in Miden, Greece. Papay Gyro Nights, Orkney Islands, Hong Kong, China. AVE/Small projects Tromsø, Norway

Curatorial projects:

2018  Art of Memory, Vasulka exhibition at PORI museum, Finland,

ISAVIA public art project.  3 artists selected for this selection.

2017 curator of Icelandic and Nordic Video Art, screened at Ibrida*Pluri, Montreal, and Xi´an Silk-road festival China.

19 May –  5th of June 2016  // Curator of Vasulka Exhibition at Raven Row gallery in London, UK.  See more here:

2014 – 2017 curatorial projects within and with Vasulka Chamber.  Screening worldwide, and taking part in seminar, conferences etc.  see information on our Webpage:

Examples of participation in talks, seminars and conferences:

2015 Curator of Morphing exhibition in the Nordic house.  Curated a selection of Icelandic videos screened around the world.
2014 Nordic house, Reykjavík, Iceland curator of Ásdís Sif Gunnarsdóttir solo project., The National Gallery of Iceland, project manager of ILC, performance Think less – Feel more.  The National Gallery of Iceland, Curator for Screening project, new artist /group first Thursday of the month, first artist solo screening Sigga Björg Sigurðardóttir.   The City Hall, 2 large screen projections out from the windows of the City Hall building.  Artists Dodda Maggý & Sigrún Harðardóttir.  Curator of an exhibition in The Orkney Islands, artists: Sigurður Guðjónsson and Dodda Maggý.    Curator of Icelandic Video selection shown at Oslo Screen Festival
2013 Nordic House, curator 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, Steina and Woody Vasulka selection of their work for Papay gyro Nights exhibition, Orkney Islands & Videotage in Hong Kong.  Vetlanda Museum Sweden, Icelandic Video Art 2013, Odense North Atlantic House, Denmark.  Instants video festival numeriques et poetiques, France, Madatac, Madrid, Spain.  700IS Reindeerland Slaughterhouse culture Center and Borgarfjörður Eystri.
2012 curator 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, Örebro Art:Screen festival, Curator of Icelandic selection, SUPER NOVA, February, Curator, Icelandic selection;  co-curator with Juha Van Ingen, video festival in Miden, Greece. moveNATURE and in North Norway, Hong Kong, China. AVE/Small projects Tromsø, Norway.
2011: 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video festival, Festival Director and Curator, in Sláturhús Culture Centre, Eiðar Art Center, moves festival, Blue Coat Liverpool, UK, Frame Festival Porto, Modem exhibition, Debrecen Hungary.
Co-Curator in Reykjavik Dance Festival, Video Screening, Video installation in Bíó Paradís, KEX and Tjarnarbíó.
Curator for Icelandic Selection in RiseAndShine Formverk (art zone) Eskilstuna, Sweden.
2010: 700IS Reindeerland International Film and Video Festival in Sláturhús Culture Centre, Skaftell Visual Art Centre of East Iceland, Eidar Art Center 20 – 28 March 2010.  Modem, Museum of Contemporary Arts, Debrecen, Hungary 6 – 26th of May 2010.  Art Happens, Nordic Art Exhibition, Formverk Eskilstuna Sweden, Art Screening BWA gallery, Jelenia Góra Poland, Still shows in Nes Residency, Hafnarhús, SÍM gallery, LHÍ library Iceland.  Curator of Icelandic selection presented in Faroe Islands during Cultural Week and Faroexpo in Runavík –
2009: 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, Frame Festival Portugal, Iceland and Hungary.
2008: 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, 700IS in ATA San Fransisco, USA; art:screen, Sweden, MUSEEK Saint-Petersburg, Russia, moves Festival, Manchester, MMU Alsager Gallery UK, ASU Arizona USA.
2007: 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, intermodem, Hungary, ASU, Arizona USA, MMU Alsager gallery, UK, MUSEEK Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
2006: 700IS Reindeerland, International Film and Video Festival, Director and Curator, Vilnius Modern Museum, Lithuania, Vaja festival, Valencia, Spain, Vesteralen gallery, Norway, NY underground screening, USA, MMU, Alsager Gallery, UK, Art Screening Vancouver, Canada.
2005: Group Show: Retrival UK & Iceland, Curator.

2014 Vasulka, published by the National Gallery of Iceland, IS/ Re-published in 2016

2013 InDependence, published by Torpedo Press, NO
2011 Alternative Routes book, published by Smiling Wolf, UK
2010 700IS catalogue, published by 700IS Hreindýraland sf.
2009 700IS catalogue, published by 700IS Hreindýrland sf.
2008 700IS catalogue, published by MMF and 700IS Hreindýraland sf.

2003 DVD publication by CODEC/X featuring Xtime among artwork by artists based in the UK.  Curated by Dave Griffith and Nick Jordan.

Awards, funding and support:

2016 – 2018  Funding from Kultur Kontakt Nord for Vasulka Residency, 2014 – 2016 funding from Kultur Kontakt Nord and Nordisk Kulturfond, Norsk Kulturrad for Vasulka Chamber; Digital Conversation. EU Culture funding for CARE project 2013 – 2015, Ministry of Culture and Education 2013, OCA, NO 2012, Statens kunstrad, DK 2012, Svenska Kulturfonden, FI 2012, Norsk kulturrad 2012, 2013, 2015 Kultur Kontakt Nord 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, Nordisk Kulturfond 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, EU Culture funding for Alternative Routes 2009 – 2011, Art Council of East Iceland (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012) Ministry of Social Affairs, Support for Women in Business (2008-2009), Embassy of Iceland, UK (2007), Ministry of Culture and Education (2004, 2013), Art Council of England (2003, 2005), Other private funding 2003 – 2013

Member of:
Association of Icelandic Artists, SÍM
The Living Art Museum